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NADeFA®  Cervid Livestock Foundation exists to serve the deer industry through educational, charitable an scientific purposes relating to deer farming and ranching and the use of deer products. The Cervid Livestock Foundation seeks to influence industry trends and assure a healthy and expanding industry.

The Cervid Livestock Foundation’s mission is to facilitate public education about the agricultural and economic value of raising deer. 

  • Educate the public as to the value and benefits of deer and deer products
  • Disseminate information relating to the care and breeding of cervid species
  • Conduct programs to support the education of deer farmers/ranchers regarding the deer industry and venison consumption
  • Support scientific research
  • Promote the expansion of the North American Cervid Industry

Current initiatives – The CLF and NADeFA® sponsor a wide variety of educational activities: adult programs, youth programs, scholarships, scientific research, public awareness and marketing of deer products.

CLF Executive Committee


Mark Cobb
Gobblers Ridge Exotic Animals

215 Eastwood Rd.
Ravenswood, WV 26164

Phone: 304-532-4514 or 304-532-3304

1st Vice Chair

Brad Farmer

120 East Robinson
Viola, KS 67149

Phone: 620-584-6635


Dr. Hank Dimuzio
LedgEnd Farm

1288 Munger Street
Middlebury, VT 05753

Phone/Fax: 802-388-8979
Cell: 802-343-8848


Shawn Schafer
Schafer Whitetail Ranch

1223 18th Ave. NW.
Turtle Lake, ND 58575

Cell: 651-212-1315

CLF Board of Directors

Mr. Ray Burdette
El Canelo Ranch

P.O. Box 487 
Raymondville, TX 78580 

Phone: 956-689-5042 
Fax: 956-689-1089 

Mr. Sam Holley
Oak Ridge Whitetail Adventure

7143 Noble Rd
Windsor, OH 44099 

Phone: 440-636-3040
Fax: 440-272-5325

Mrs. Carolyn Laughlin
Hilltop Whitetails

9025 Bachelor Rd. NW
Magnolia, OH 44643 

Phone: 330-866-5421
Fax: 330-866-5851

Dr. J. Bradley Thurston
Luke's Run

2640 Ponderosa Road
Spencer, IN 47460 

Phone: 765-795-6406
Cell: 317-372-8493

Mr. Skip West
Circle W Whitetails

54301 S. 351 Rd
Maramec, OK 74045 

Phone: 918-6 71-8669