Seasonal Intern Job Description: Hiring for Summer, Fall or Spring 

The duties listed below are general – additional duties can be required as needs arise.

  • Summer – interns main duty is whitetail fawn care 
  • Prepare facilities for Fawn Care
    • Clean facilities
    • Repair holding facilities
    • Prepare DNA Sheets
  • Summer – Feed Fawns Daily -bottle feeding doe newborns May through August
    • Feed Fawns, clean facility, observe and maintain fawn health
  • Annually – Feed Mature Deer Daily
    • Summer -Check daily for newborn fawns (morning and afternoon)
    • Understand and locate symptoms of whitetail in need of medical care
    • Medicate using trajectory darts
    • Maintaining water troughs, feeders, fencing, gates in deer facility
  • Fill protein feeders bi-monthly in deer facilities using Feed Blower
  • Maintain yards at both houses (riding mower, weed eating and blowing off walks/porches)
  • Maintain fences around ranch
  • Able to operate heavy equipment a plus (Tractors, Backhoe, Bulldozer)
  • Cut & stack firewood 
  • Maintain water gaps on creek
  • Maintain ranch roads 
  • Assist in hosting Social Events at Ranch Lodge
  • Fill corn & protein feeders around ranch
  • Clean & maintain hunting blinds
  • Ability to guide hunts – especially in the Fall (September-December)
  • Ability to field dress game
  • Predator control
  • Ranch vehicle provided to perform on property work
  • Efficiency apartment provided with some supplies
  • Utilities provided
  • Occasional meals offered

Check with your college to see if you can obtain college credit