2020 Summer Internship at 5F RANCH

We are looking for a summer intern to assist in Ranch Operations / Deer Breeding.  Our ranch is centrally located in the heart of Texas – 800 acres of high-fenced beauty.  We have whitetail, blackbuck, scimitar horned oryx, dall rams, Hawaiian rams, waterbuck and axis.

Deer Management & Breeding will include feeding mature deer, feeding fawns, medicating, darting to release bucks, darting and managing mature buck/doe herd.

Ranch Operations will include facilities management, cutting firewood, filling feeders, target range management, fence repair. Experience operating heavy equipment is desired but not required.

The Intern will be provided lodging in a small separate efficiency house, utilities included and many amenities such as laundry soap, paper goods. Meals will occasionally be provided – anytime guests are at the ranch and meals are being offered to them you will be included.  Pay will be $350 per week plus possible tips if guiding from hunters and a bonus at the end of the term for excellent work and finishing out strong.  This is a fun and exciting job but also very hard work.  No 2 days are alike – managing our deer herd is the major emphasis – feeding, medicating if necessary via dart gun & keeping water troughs clean.  We are family owned and operated.  References are required and we will also provide references from past interns to whom we hire.

Time frame – beginning in May – mid August.  Should you be interested in staying longer we will be interested as well,  depending upon review after a month’s work.

  • Prepare facilities for Fawn Care

o   Clean facilities

o   Repair Holding facilities

o   Prepare DNA Sheets

o   Review Fawn Identification Procedures

  • Prepare Deer Pens for Fawns

o   Repair any holes in fences

o   Set up Sprinkler Systems for each pen

o   Repair Alleys in Doe and Buck rotundas

  • Feed Fawns Daily
  • Fawn Location / Marking / Care / Recording

o   Mark newborn fawns born on day of birth

o   Give medications to newborn fawns

  • Pick fawns up day 2 and take DNA sample, insert visible tag, record data on fawn log

o   Return buck fawns to mother – keep doe fawns and feed daily

  • Feed Mature Deer Daily

o   Check for new born fawns Morning and Afternoon

  • Locate Deer in need of Care/Medication

o   Understand and locate symptoms of deer needing medical care

o   Dart Deer with necessary medications

  • Fill (16) 1,000 lb. Protein Feeders Every 2 Weeks in Deer Facilities
  • Maintain Yards at Lodge and Main Guest House
  • Maintain Fences around ranch as needed – repair holes, repair broken wire
  • Brush Control – Cutting/Removal and Spraying small brush with herbicide
  • Operate Heavy Equipment to prepare summer food plots for wildlife
  • Cut Fire Wood for guests staying at lodge
  • Maintain Water gaps on fence lines to prevent wildlife escaping during floods
  • Maintain Roads around ranch
  • Maintain Gate system throughout property
  • Assist in Hosting Social Events at Ranch Lodge

Send resumes to   830-832-7939 Lane Laning