Summer Internship-Hatton Ranch

Hatton Ranch
Graham, Texas

Summer Intern-May through August

The summer intern will be primarily responsible for all aspects of bottle raising whitetail deer fawns and will assist with feeding pen raised deer and other ranch work.


-Caring for whitetail deer fawns, including:
-Collecting and tagging fawns
-Sterilizing bottles, preparing formula and feeding fawns
-Administering medication
-Cleaning fawn pens

Other duties, including:

-Feeding pen raised deer
-Filling and maintaining corn and protein feeders
-Lawn maintenance


Must be able and willing to work long hours in the summer heat.

Must be able to work patiently with animals and employees. Prefer someone working toward a college degree in Wildlife, Veterinary Medicine, or Agriculture related fields.
Housing will be provided along with transportation on the ranch. Hourly pay should provide approximately $1,500 per month.
Please email resume and references to Rich Clonts at