Summer Interns – Wilson Wildlife

Located in Tyler Texas, Wilson Wildlife is offering 2 summer internships to motivated college students who are interested in working on a whitetail deer breeding ranch. We are new to the deer breeding world. In February we will take delivery of about 20 bred does who will drop anywhere between 20 and 40 fawns throughout the summer. We also have a small herd of blackbuck and red sheep.

The ideal candidate for this position is studying pre-vet, wildlife biology or game management. Experience working with animals is a plus and anyone with experience working with whitetail deer would certainly be highly considered.

Candidates need to know that this is a working ranch. Days are long and Texas summers are hot. As this will be fawning season, interns will be up at night bottle feeding babies and checking for new deliveries.

Daily duties include but are not limited to:
• Bottle raising fawns/interacting with the fawns
• Assisting with identifying and tagging of new fawns
• Medicating or vaccinating the adult deer
• Cleaning pens
• Hauling 50 lb bags of feed to feeders
• Keeping water troughs clean and full
• Design and construction of new pens
• Data entry and record keeping
• Website work
• Overall ranch maintenance
• Use of some farm implements such as tractors and atvs

Accommodations are nice in a bunk-house style. There will be two in a room, but its a large 2 story loft with a bathroom and 3 beds. There will be a microwave, hot plate and fridge. There is a pool on the ranch so bring your suits. We do ask that they be modest in nature as we have 5 children and several teens. Board shorts style suits for the boys and well covering 2 piece suits or one piece for girls. We ask that there be no alcohol and no smoking on the property and certainly no illicit drug use.

The timing is somewhat flexible. We would like to get 10 weeks of work if we can. We will also be looking at the interns as potential ranch hands, part-time help or ranch managers in the future, as we intend to grow this ranch considerably. Interns need their own transportation and a valid drivers license and health insurance. Other needed items will be sent to candidates once chosen.

We would love for you to be able to get college credit for the work and experience done at the ranch so please talk to your career counselors and professors. We will help facilitate that in anyway we can.

We are looking to have help from June – August….exact times can flex some. Salary will be provided at $800 per month + housing. There is WIFI at the ranch…it isnt screaming fast but you can still watch movies, check email etc.

We really want our candidates to love our animals. We care for them dearly (deer-ly), and though we know the end result of the work we do is to often provide improved genetics to the hunting industry in Texas, we still treat our animals with love and compassion.

To apply, please send a letter/email indicating your interest and your resume to A letter of recommendation from a faculty member in your field of study will be needed for final consideration, but please go ahead and start the process by emailing us.

Mike Wilson – 903-752-4312
Bre Wilson – 903-360-0650