AGN Whitetail Acre-Internship

Located in Mid-west Michigan, AGN Whitetail Acres currently has a summer intern/farm assistant position available for the upcoming summer. Student should be attending a university working towards a degree in an Wildlife, Veterinary Medicine or Agricultural related field and have basic knowledge of animal husbandry. Must also have a great attitude, be self-motivated, dependable, detail oriented, and observant.

With a focus on bottle raising whitetail deer fawns, intern will be responsible for aiding in all facets of the deer farm operation. This includes, but is not limited to:

Caring for whitetail deer fawns, including:

-Collecting and tagging fawns
-Hand raise all selected, sick, injured, or rejected fawns. These fawns would be intern’s responsibility to foster. (20-30 fawns)
-Sterilizing bottles, preparing formula and feeding fawns
-Administering medication
-Required to record all health records; birth, death, and bottle feeding in our computer program.
-Cleaning and maintenance of fawn facility daily.

Other duties, including:
-Assisting with health care of adult deer (ie illness, antler velvet infections, etc.)
-Monitoring pen feeders and cleaning of water units.
-Cleaning and maintenance of barns.
-Maintaining pens, fences and grounds.

Must be:

Reliable and committed to 12 week program – ready for outside work, including long hours in the summer heat with limited time off – hard worker – physically fit (able to lift and carry 50# feed bag) – patient with small & large animals – able to work with others AND alone – able to follow directions – comfortable with living alone – experience raising livestock a plus – interested in the deer breeding industry – desire to learn about animal husbandry.

Salary is negotiable based on experience and housing will be provided.

Internship will be May-August with flexible dates, according to university schedules.

Email cover letter, resume, references to Mike Nedry.

Last date to apply: April 1
Contact: Mike Nedry, (231) 856-8873,