Exciting Schedule for 2018 NADeFA Conference

Deer farmers and deer industry professionals will soon be converging on French Lick, Ind., to attend the nation’s largest cervid association event, and they won’t be disappointed with a comprehensive itinerary that blends exciting auctions, booth exhibits, antler and venison competitions and educational seminars. The North American Deer Farmers Association (NADeFA) has an exciting schedule planned for its 2018 NADeFA Conference which will be held March 21-24, 2018 at the French Lick Resort.

“This year’s conference has something for everybody, and we invite deer farmers and deer enthusiasts alike to join us for a great weekend of networking, camaraderie and some of the industry’s finest educational opportunities,” says NADeFA Executive Director Shawn Schafer.

The event kicks off on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, with the always popular New Deer Farmer’s Seminar. This year, the NDF event includes seminars: Nutrition by Dr. Greg Stewart; Herd Health by Dr. Doug Wagner; Genetics by Dr. Cliff Shipley; Remote Drug Delivery by Blair Soars; Game Management Systems by Mike Owens; Marketing and Advertising by Randy and Tara Barks; What Hunt Ranches Want by Donald Hill; and Handling Deer and Facilities by Len Jubenville. Wednesday will also have the SCI Scoring Seminar and Master Measurer Certification; and CLF Board of Director’s Meeting.

On Thursday, March 22, 2018, the antler competition, as well as the coloring and photo contests, will begin accepting entries; and the NADeFA Board of Directors meeting will be held early. Thursday seminars include Cervid Health Research Initiative by Dr. Juan Manuel Campos of University of Florida; Biosecurity & Emergency Prep., CWD Program Update by Dr. Tracy Nichols of USDA Cervid Health Program; GMS Updates / Question & Answers featuring Mike Owens and Tom Thomas; KSU/ARS EHD Vaccine by Dr. William Wilson of USDA, ARS; and Marketing to the Next Generation by Kari Farmer. Thursday ends with the exciting NADeFA Annual Fundraiser Auction.

The Friday schedule includes the NADR Board Meeting and seminars such as Vaccinating Deer and Elk by Dr. Daryl Ragland of Purdue University; Medgene EHD Vaccine by Dr. Alan Young of Medgene Labs; CWD Genetic Resistance by Dr. Nicholas Haley of Midwestern University; North American Deer Registry by Gary Cook of NADR; and SNP Technology by Dr. Chris Seabury of Texas A&M. Friday night concludes with the NADeFA Annual Fundraiser Auction.

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, the conference wraps up with the President’s Advisory Committee, Antler Competition Awards, Thurston Venison Culinary Competition and the NADeFA Open Auction Sale.

For more information about conference registration or NADeFA membership, call 330.454.3944 or visit