Cervid Livestock Foundation

The Cervid Livestock Foundation (CLF) was established in 1993 as the research and educational foundation of the North American Deer Farmers Association. The CLF was established in order to facilitate public education about the agricultural and economic value of raising deer and the nutritional and dietary benefits of venison consumption.


The Foundation was organized exclusively for the educational, charitable and scientific purposes related to deer farming and its supporting industry, which includes the following:

  • To educate the public regarding the nutritional and dietary benefits of venison and the environmental advantages of deer farming
  • To collect, publish and disseminate scientific and technical information to the public relating to the farming and breeding of the cervidae species
  • To conduct research and studies to disseminate data relating to the farming of cervidae
  • To conduct any such programs as may from time to time, be appropriate, suitable or necessary to support and/or facilitate public education in the area of deer farming and venison consumption


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North American Farm-Raised Venison


Projects Funded

  • Funded Stage I, along with the Elk Research Council, of a research project to validate a TB blood test developed by Pritest in 2008. In 2009, research dollars went to Chembio which will help make improvements to their TB blood test. Chembio is also the recipient of the 2010 research dollars to improve their new Rapid Test.

  • Funded an educational project in 2008 and 2009 to educate thousands of students about deer farming and deer hunting. The CLF grants money to school districts who participate in these seminars taught by Steve Porter, a cervid farmer from Minnesota. View an article about Steve's Presentations!

  • Currently working with Steve Porter to develop a video to distribute to schools nationwide in an effort to reach thousands more students about the importance of the outdoors, nature, deer, hunting and so much more.

  • Awarded a grant to the University of Georgia‚Äôs Daniel B. Warnell School of Forestry and National Resources for a fallow deer research program.

  • Awarded a grant to the South Dakota State University for a CWD research project.

  • Sponsoring an annual scholarship program to benefit graduating seniors entering into an agricultural field of education.

  • Sponsoring new deer farming seminars across the country, including the NADeFA conference, to help educate new deer farmers entering into the non-traditional farming of cervids

  • Sponsoring annual venison culinary competitions to promote the venison market

  • Sponsoring annual venison/elk product competition at NADeFA & NAEBA conferences.

  • Funded the North American Farm-Raised Venison brochures available through the NADeFA office.

  • Working with a public relations firm to disseminate information promoting the deer industry.