Cervid Congress

NADeFA's Think Tank

The Cervid Congress was designed to bring together representatives from each linked association to discuss issues and industry concerns. The presidents of each association are invited to attend and/or send a delegation, to discuss the most pertinent issues in the industry. We welcome anyone that wishes to participate in the day long workshop to resolve industry issues and work to improve industry conditions.

The Cervid Congress has facilitated discussion on subjects such as CWD, EHD, Bluetongue and various other cervid related topics. In the most recent years, the subjects have been drug withdrawal times in cervids and hunting ranch ethics, which resulted in the Fair Chase Hunting Ranch Whitepaper and Fair Chase Hunting Ranch Ethics being developed and distributed. Last year participants discussed and made recommendations for a list of drugs that NADeFA would like to see labeled for use with cervids.

The Cervid Congress also provides participants the opportunity to relax and talk with people from across the country.